"Learning how to loose” ‐ Mental Toughness Training in Sports and Life, ”Leadership in difficult times” ‐ Adapt to change under pressure and stay unmoved in face of trouble

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Igor Ardoris

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05. - 06.04.2019
Fr 14 - Sa 16 Uhr
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"Learning how to loose” ‐ Mental Toughness Training in Sports and Life

Mind is like the source of the stream, feeding the body, which is like its downstream currents. Independent of each other they are limited, impaired and inefficient. Once we realize this, we can naturally se the importance of maintaining a positive mind under any circumstance.

To be able to concentrate under the pressures and frustrations of normal day-to-day living is much more than most people are currently capable of. In order to cope and function effectively we need to develop our ability to concentrate through the distractions, annoyances, tiredness, boredom and fear that normally interfere with our ability to maintain our involvement and attention.

Life consists of perception and action. Every athletes performance at any given moment in time is determined by the way he or she perceives the situation. When the mind is distracted, perception becomes limited and thought-flow short-circuited. Intentional action becomes diverted and physical strength becomes useless.

The traditional method of coaching in sports focuses on behavior – the player`s response – without ever dealing with root problem – the players distortion in perception.

 ”Leadership in difficult times” ‐ Adapt to change under pressure and stay unmoved in face of trouble

This workshop teaches the principles which allow us to be unmoved in the face of trouble and to adapt to change under difficult circumstances.

The mind moves the body. To lead another person through difficult times we need to learn how to lead that person´s mind. And we can not do that before we are able to control our own mind.

There is a very old Japanese saying that a brave general has no cowardly soldiers because his strong mind infuses his men with courage. On the contrary, a cowardly general will infect even his brave men with the same disease.

A weak mind wants to escape from unpleasantness and pain. Unpleasantness can be of psychological or physiological nature. It doesn´t matter. This is called separation of mind and body. As long as we want to escape from pain, our body becomes weak and the pain will persist.

A strong mind is a mind that has the capacity to unify and stay with the body in difficult conditions. A strong mind is able to face unpleasantness so that our body becomes strong. Than the pain can either go away or we can learn to live with our pain. This is called unification of mind and body and is fundamental for leadership in difficult times.

Igor Ardoris:

He is professional educator and mental trainer. The business community, the school and sports are his three major areas of activity. He also trains police, fire brigade and ambulance paramedics in keeping their cool in challenging situations.

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